For a PDF copy of the CPA Calendar please click on the picture or scroll down on this page.

CPA National Champonship Rounds:

  • Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May, LPRC National/Interclub Championship
  • Sunday 26th & Monday 27th May, LOBMBC National/Interclub Championship
  • Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th August, SWSC National/Interclub Sprint Championship
  • Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September, SWSC National/Interclub Championship

March 2019:

  • Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st, Test/Practice Event, SWSC

April 2019:

  • Saturday 6th LPRC Taster/Training
  • Sunday 7th Osprey Dunk Tests
  • Saturday 13th ,LPRC Club Race
  • Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st, SWSC Test/Practice Event
  • Thursday 25th ,LOBMBC Practice Event
  • Saturday 27th ,LPRC Test Day

May 2019:

  • Monday 6th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Monday 6th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Thursday 16th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 18th, LPRC Club Race
  • Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th, SWSC Test/Practice Event
  • Thursday 23rd , LOBMBC Club Race

June 2019:

  • Thursday 6th LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 8th, LPRC Test Day
  • Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th , SWSC Test/Practice Event
  • Thursday 13th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 15th, WMBRC Windermere VC
  • Thursday 20th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 22nd, LPRC Club Race
  • Thursday 27th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th, MPRC Race Event

July 2019:

  • Thursday 4th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 6th, WMBRC Windermere Regatta
  • Thursday 11th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 13th, LPRC Taster/Training/Test Day
  • Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th, SWSC Test/Practice Event
  • Thursday 18th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Saturday 20th, LPRC Club Race
  • Thursday 25th, LOBMBC Club Race

August 2019:

  • Thursday 1st, LOBMBC Club Race & OCRDA Invitation
  • Thursday 8th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Thursday 15th, LOBMBC Club Race
  • Monday 26th, LOBMBC Lions Charity Gala Event
  • Saturday 31st, LPRC Testing

September 2019:

  • Sunday 8th, LOBMBC Battle of Britain Event
  • Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th, LPRC Club Race
  • Saturday 28th, WMBRC Windermere Com’s

October 2019:

  • Saturday 5th, LPRC Club Race
  • Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th, SWSC Test/Practice Event
  • Saturday 19th, LPRC Club Race

November 2019:

  • Monday 4th - Friday 8th, Coniston Powerboat Records Week